This is our story why RDS started to exist:


It was 27th of January 2003, a rainy, stormy Monday night when the next story took place :

Four members of our football team were driving home at about 21.00 in their car and had a very severe car crash with a cause of death for our captain Roger Dions.

Roger Dions died fighting for his life for two long hours at the age of 18 on 27th of January 2003 at 23.45 HR in St. Anna’s Hospital Geldrop.

The driver has spend many days at IC fighting for his life, but could return back in our lives by miracles and praying.

Remarkable was the fact that back-numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6 we’re in the crash, and the driver was more dead than alive and started living again after we prayed with about  100 men for his  survival.

The other two members in the car were not so life threatening, and recovered by treatment and revalidation.

After the ceremonial burial of our captain and dear friend Roger Dions we stopped playing football, after good advice and counselling of victim-care.

After this accident we made a promise to his mother that his name will be used to serve and care for the disabled, the enabled, the un-achieved and unknown humanities and cultures.

Roger stood for Respect, Justice and caring for all mankind as well in private and on the field.

We will guide others through life and try to solve their problems in the good way, it’s a great honor for us as a friend online group to carry the name and we will try to keep it alive.


Everything we do, we do in his name to honor his family name and we gained success every step we took.

As if Roger himself has a hand in what we do and set up, ....... it all succeeds. 

At last: That’s why we are bound and respect each other for who we are and where we come from.


         Everyone is unique in its way and gains strength by teamwork, that’s why we say :

                      Together we stand strong…...& Love conquers everything...!!!!!!!


                    ♥ 24-07-1984 ♥    ***Roger Maurice Dions***   † 27-01-2003 †  


                            San Krakti nanga koni nowan du, dati lobi mang du...

                    What Strength and Wisdom can’t achieve, Love will achieve...

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 Roger DionS online group